IXE statement asylum

The members of the Initiative of Christians for Europe (IXE) adopted the present declaration entitled Human Dignity and Solidarity as pillars for a New European asylum system. As committed Christians, we would like to use this declaration to contribute to the forthcoming discussion on the Commission’s proposals for a new compromise on the European asylum system, published on 23 September 2020.

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Greeting from Andante – Creation time

We are very pleased to send you today our greeting on Creation Time. Due to the circumstances related to Covid-19, which demand a lot from us, The CoCoA of ANDANTE is taking up the beautiful tradition of writing letters again. After our letters at Easter, Pentecost and the feast of Mary Magdalene, we are now reflecting on Creation Time.
We hope you enjoy reading and following the links!

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Maria Magdalena

July 22 is the feast day of Mary of Magdala, the apostle of the apostles.
Her feast day and her courageous witness seems a good opportunity for us to inform you in a short letter about what is going on in Andante during these special times.
We are pleased to inform you already today about the date of our next study days and ask you to include this in your planning. We hope and look forward to seeing you again from 30th June to 5th July 2021 in Riga on the topic: Our voice – our lives – our future. Empowerment of women and women’s organisations.
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