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Report Study Days 2018 Report Study Days 2018-E Presentation Theresia Wintergest : Praesentation Wintergerst Strasbourg 2018 Presentation Theresa Grabinger : Präsentation Grabinbger Strasbourg 2018(1)  

Summerschool 2015: Why bioethics?

Andante Summer School, August 2015 in Vienna: Why bioethics? – Bioethical issues facing people today Fifty-five women from fourteen different countries, among them sixteen women from central and eastern Europe, gathered to learn about and consider one of the most challenging issues of our time: how to make good ethical decisions about medical and technological interventions […]

Andante conference Riga, 2-5 October 2014

Andante Conference on Poverty in Europe and on the internal strengthening of the Association. From 2nd until 5th of October 2014 more than 50 leaders of the member organizations of this European Alliance of Catholic women’s organizations gathered in Riga/Latvia for a conference in order to highlight poverty and its backgrounds in the various European […]

Weaving together a Europe of Hope

The General Assembly 2013 of Andante  Between the 25th and the 28th of April, 2013 representatives of 18 member organisations of Andante met in Bratislava, Slovakia for the fourth General Assembly of the Alliance created in 2006. The theme of the Study Days preceding the Statutory Assembly high-lighted both the challenges and the many areas […]

Andante Summer School 2012: call for an ‘Andante Day for the Environment’

This year’s Andante Summer School focused on the theme “We are the inheritors of the earth – what can we do to live responsibly?”. 60 participants, coming from 13 European countries, from Norway to Albania and from France to Latvia, listened to expert speakers from very different backgrounds and took part in vivid discussions and […]

Summer School 2011 – Recognise the signs of the times

‘We leave from here enriched, inspired, encouraged, grateful’ – just some testimonies from the Andante Summer School on the theme ‘Recognise the signs of the times: Spirituality put into practice by European women – yesterday, today, tomorrow’. Approximately 75 women from 13 European countries, age between 29 and 76 years, had come to Reute, Germany. […]

Report Study Days 2010

Europa – Women: a force for democracy! A big park with flourishing trees, a welcoming home: the Cultural Centre St. Thomas in Strasbourg, at walking distance from the European Institutions. In short: a perfect location for the General Assembly of ANDANTE, from 15th to 18th April 2010. The approximately 60 participants from 13 European countries […]

A dynamic and warm-hearted event

During the summer four members of our movement ‘Vie et Foi – Suisse Romande’ took part in the summer course on media-training organised by andante, from 13th to 17th July in Hoddesdon, near London. It was a great opportunity to be able to benefit from the enrichment of such a meeting. We were deeply interested […]