Council of Europe

INGO-session June 2018

The June 2018 session was dominated by the increase in populist movements in Europe and the associated increasing restrictions on the influence of NGOs. Globalisation has led to an imbalance, populism and the new emergence of violence against minorities. This is precisely where the Council of Europe has an important role to play: The task […]

January Session

January Session of The Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe 27-30 January 2014 in Strasbourg. The Conference of INGOs is recognised as an institution of the Council of Europe. Andante – together with 400 INGOs – is a full right member of the Conference which meets officially twice a year during the ordinary […]

CINGO – January 2012

This is an informal group of representatives of Christian NGOs represented at the Council of Europe. It met on this occasion at the Centre of the Protestant Churches of Alsace and Lorraine. Reports were received of conferences attended since the last meeting in October. One of CINGO’s priorities is the Struggle against Extreme Poverty. Poverty […]

Council of Europe – January 2012

The January 2012 session of the NGOs meeting started well with the announcement, only days previously, that Andante had been granted participatory status at the Council of Europe by the Committee of Ministers. Members of Andante have attended the NGO sessions as observers for several years but this time we had a vote and were […]

Council of Europe – Andante got Participatory Status

On 18 January, Andante has been granted ‘participatory status’, as an international NGO, at the Council of Europe. We thank all those, inside and outside Andante, who – at various stages of the procedure and at both national and European level – helped us with their good advice and action.


Council of Europe: Although no official sessions of the Conference of INGOs at the Council of Europe were scheduled for October, some groups met in an informal way. Among them the Working Group on ‘Human Rights and Religions’. Representatives of Andante take part in this group which is currently doing research in this area. The […]

Andante at the Council of Europe (January – June 2010)

Conference of INGOsMembers of the Andante Coordinating Committee have been taking part in each of this year’s sessions of the Conference of INGOs at the Council of Europe, especially those of the committees focusing on: gender equality; poverty and social exclusion; culture and education; and human rights. Some of them had an active part in […]

Andante at the Council of Europe

Last September/October 3 representatives of andante participated in the autumn sessions of the NGOs having participatory status at the Council of Europe. Just as in previous sessions, they were active in the Gender Equality Transversal Group, the Committees ‘Culture, Science and Education’ and ‘Human Rights’ as well as in the working group ‘Human Rights and […]