IXE Group

Conflicting memories
As the representative of Andante, its Chair is a member of this Group ‘Initiatives of Christians for Europe’. Together with CoCoA-member Maria Demeterova (Slovakia) she participated at the conference on ‘Conflicting memories, 23rd of March in Warsaw, Poland. The conference was well attended and those who participated will confirm that they have witnessed very in depth going discussions among competent experts and an interested auditorium in a wonderful and at the same time historic environment of the presidential palace. The conference showed that conflicting memories is not only a matter for historians but a crucial aspect in present times and current politics. The debated cases of Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Spain, Bosnia made clear that there is no such thing as a master plan how to solve these conflicts but that cross-border exchange of historic knowledge, approaches, perspectives is absolutely necessary in order to promote mutual understanding and reconciliation. And that the Church has to play an active role. Last but not least, the conference was honored by the all-day presence of Tadeusz Mazowiecki, the first Polish Prime Minister after the fall of communism.

To the programme:
More information and resumes of some of the talks and the debates will shortly be available at the IXE-website http://www.initiative-ixe.eu/