Friends of Adante

Always wanted to join Andante? – Become a friend!

From the very first start of ANDANTE it was often asked if individuals could become a member of the Alliance. However, the Andante Statutes state that membership is only possible for organisations, not for individual persons. As a response to these requests, and in order to allow individual women and men to express their interest in and solidarity with Andante, the delegates to the recent General Assembly decided to create a provision in the Bylaws stating: “Women or men who are interested in the aims, objectives and activities of ANDANTE are able to become ‘Friends of Andante’ upon payment of a minimum fee of € 25 per year. As a Friend of Andante they will be entitled to

  • Receive the ANDANTE Newsletter
  • Receive information of ANDANTE’s activities
  • Attend Study Days/ Conferences/ Summer Schools organised by ANDANTE

The proposal was accepted unanimously and opens the possibility to women and men to have a closer relationship with, and express their support to Andante.