Statement on Interreligious and intercultural dialogue from a woman’s perspective

The current global situation shows the urgency for dialogue for peace. As Catholic women we recognise the social doctrine of the Catholic Church which calls all women to dialogue with all members of the world’s religions in the pursuit of world peace. We acknowledge that the absence of war does not mean peace and the lack of conflict does not mean community.

Statement by Andante, following the General Assembly in Lizari, Latvia – 06 June 2022

The vulnerable world resonates with all of us and especially with the wisdom of women. It
relates to the challenges affecting our environment, sustainability and the integrity of
creation for all humans, animals and plants, and how we can preserve our planet for future generations.

2016 Andante Refugee Statement

At the General Assembly delegates were informed of the recent request from the Chair of the Conference of International NGOs at the Council of Europe, that all INGOs with participatory status ( that includes Andante) send their official statements, on the question of ‘ international policy related to refugees’. There was a short deadline for this, as the Standing Committee meeting was due to be on April 25th.
Based on the comments and suggestions of the delegates at the GA the new CoCoA produced on Sunday 17th of April the statement here below. It was then sent directly to the appropriate department at the Council of Europe.

2017 Statement Andante Study Days in Albania

Andante Study Days, 3rd-8th May 2017, Durres, Albania

Modern Slavery is an old crime increasingly occurring in new forms in all countries of Europe in the 21st century. Trafficking for exploitation is found in forced prostitution, and in agricultural, construction, industrial and supply industries as well as in domestic work. So learned delegates of Andante, the European Alliance of Catholic Women’s Organisations, at study days on this subject held in Durres Albania in May 2017.

“It is very important that also Catholic women in Europe fight against this crime which is devastating the lives of so many women, children and men”, said Mary McHugh and Vroni Peterhans, presidents of Andante.

2018 Statement migration Studydays

The current migration crisis is of unprecedented proportions. Myriads of people are left with no alternative other than to flee the war, poverty and destruction that has overtaken their countries. A large number of these are women, often alone with children. Our common Christian heritage of shared values prioritises the solidarity and hospitality that the current migration crisis clearly requires. Andante member organisations resolve to promote compassion, understanding end inclusion in order to challenge attitudes of fear and harted. Andante has particular concern for the needs of alle women who are affected by the current and ongoing crises.

Women in the Church make the difference

Andante Study Days & Training Snagov, Romania, 24 th -29 th April 2019
Can women be part of the thinking church? What are the ways (and what historically have been the ways) to contribute thus to the life of the church? And what does that mean to the church? These were some of the questions considered at the training days of Andante, 24–29 April in Snagov (Romania).

Letter on the new Encyclical “Laudato si”

As members of the Coordinating Committee of Andante, we are very pleased to learn about the publication of the new encyclical from our Pope Francis: Laudato si’ – on care for our common home. In this encyclical the Pope calls for a greater attentiveness and a more comprehensive ecology.