Our Mission

To be a Catholic women’s voice and be an actor in building a living Europe that works for the common good and gives a more human face to Europe and the world.

Andante works, through its networks in Europe and through local initiatives, for the just participation of women in society and in the church, and for the common good of all people.

Andante encourages and empowers Catholic women in Europe to reach their full potential, both in society and in spiritual life. It brings strength and inspiration to Catholic women in their daily lives and encourages them to be active in their communities and in the church.

Andante contributes to a Catholic Church in Europe which is welcoming and liberating for all.

How you can become a member

Members of Andante are Catholic women’s organisations officially recognised within their own countries, whether at national or regional level; no individual membership. Organisations for women and men may also be members on condition that their representatives are women and that the issues raised concern women. Membership shall consist of full members.

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    How you can become a friend

    In order to allow individual women and men to express their interest in and solidarity with Andante, the delegates to the recent General Assembly decided to create a provision in the Bylaws stating: “Women or men who are interested in the aims, objectives and activities of ANDANTE are able to become ‘Friends of Andante’ “

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    Andante prayer

    At the General Assembly, April 2008 in Sion, the delegates had expressed their wish to have a common prayer for Andante. Wishing to be sure that the prayer would really voice the feelings of the Andante members, the Coordinating Committee requested the help of the Swiss theologian Jacqueline Keune. She suggested that a questionnaire be sent to the member organisations asking them to answer very specific questions. In this way they could express their joys and fears, their successes and disappointments, their ideas and visions in and for their organisation’s work, and for Andante. The replies had been gratifying. Starting with these responses, Jacqueline Keune composed a prayer in German. The English and French translations had been completed in time to be read during the Eucharist celebration at the end of the Assembly in Strasbourg. A Dutch and Slovak translation are already available, other translations are in hand.

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