2012 Augsburg – We Are the Inheritors of the Earth – What Can We Do to Live Responsibly?

This year’s Andante Summer School focused on the theme “We are the inheritors of the earth – what can we do to live responsibly?”. 60 participants, coming from 13 European countries, from Norway to Albania and from France to Latvia, listened to expert speakers from very different backgrounds and took part in vivid discussions and practical workshops on how to meet, as a person and/or as a community, the challenge of living in a sustainable and environment-friendly way.
“The world should not be seen as a market but rather as a household, and women have special experience in running households”, said Dr. Michaela Moser from Austria addressing the summer school. Another speaker was 14 year old Clara Slawik (Germany) who spoke passionately about the children’s ‘Plant-for-the-Planet’ campaign to plant 1000 million trees worldwide by 2020: “For us children future is a question of survival; ‘stop talking – start planting’; save the human, not (only) the polar bears.”

At the end of the summer school there was a call from the participants to create an annual ‘Andante Day for the Environment’ when the wonders of creation would be celebrated as a reminder of the threat to the earth from climate change. This day could be marked by environmental initiatives, such as tree planting; or by individuals and families deciding to reduce energy consumptions, and thereby carbon emissions to a bare minimum for one day.
At its meeting immediately following the summer school the Andante Coordinating Committee (CoCoA) decided to organise an event on 29th September, during its next meeting in Oslo. It was suggested that all Andante member organisations should try to organise a similar event on that same date in their countries. To this purpose they could contact national branches of ‘Plant-for-the-Planet’ and/or other organisations working in the field of environment protection and see how they could cooperate and take action together.

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