2011 Reute – Recognise the signs of the times

‘We leave from here enriched, inspired, encouraged, grateful’ – just some testimonies from the Andante Summer School on the theme ‘Recognise the signs of the times: Spirituality put into practice by European women – yesterday, today, tomorrow’. Approximately 75 women from 13 European countries, age between 29 and 76 years, had come to Reute, Germany. Listening to some renowned speakers made them discover and become familiar with various forms of spirituality, not only in theory but also in the practice of everyday life. During the last plenary session several organisations already presented their ideas and projects for follow-up work on the theme of spirituality in their own organisations and countries.

Such as: publish a booklet on remarkable women in Poland, create a ‘Mary Ward Society’ in Albania, encourage women to become more active in politics in order to fight against discriminations of all sorts, to commit themselves in working for Ecumenism and for a rightful place in our churches, and for an ‘authentic lifestyle’ which respects the environment and Creation.

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